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Premiering February 2015!

New England WOMAN is part of a national syndicate of womens educational journals with over 300 ‘sister’ publications around the country.  We have been rated the #1 Women’s Educational Journal in the United States, by U.S. World & Review. As the only womens publication in the region, we are dedicated to being an objective and educational resource for the women of Norfolk County, Massachusetts.  Our goal is to empower women and their families with valuable information about health, home, finances and community.

You will find your FREE copy in local libraries, medical & dental offices, hair & nail salons, med-spas, coffee shops, gyms, fairs & expos. We publish bi-monthly and distribute throughout 20 towns of Norfolk County. You may also subscribe to receive home delivery or sign up online to have New England Woman delivered to your inbox.

Each of our categories provides a connection to beneficial education and services.  If you find an article that is helpful to you or your family please take a moment to call, email, tweet or Facebook the professional and let them know their hard work made a difference.  They welcome your feedback!

We are a local & community focused magazine and welcome your feedback and suggestions.  In addition we support local nonprofits & grassroots community groups in their efforts to better the world.

New England Woman

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