Women in Business Feature- Bare Laser Hair Removal

Women in Business Feature- Bare Laser Hair Removal


The Business

If you are interested in permanent hair removal but are still searching for a small, professional facility to visit, look no further than Bare Laser Hair Removal in Franklin Massachusetts! Situated in Franklin’s bustling city center an hour outside of Boston and 30 minutes away from Providence. Bare is an accessible and affordable hair removal facility that also offers spider vein, cherry angioma, and rosacea removal. On top of the many services offered at Bare Laser Hair removal, Bare strives for customer safety, and comfort by ensuring each treatment is preformed using a top of the line laser called Candela Gentle Max Pro Laser. The Gentle Max Pro is safe for all skin types and reduces many of the laser hair removal risks associated with using a lesser quality machine.


Since it’s opening on February 19, 2013, Bare has attracted the patronage and trust of over 380 patients. In 2014, Bare became an accredited facility with the Better Business Bureau. As a BBB approved facility, Bare offers high quality care, state-of-the-art medical treatment rooms, and affordable prices to take care of all your hair removal needs. Bare is considered a medical facility. Every treatment is preformed by a certified Nurse Practitioner and is overseen by a Medical Director. Presently, the facility is operated by two employees. Dianne Colace and Marylou Valerio. Both women have been a part of Bare since its opening and their number one priority is having people feel confident with beautiful skin.


The Women Behind It


Dianne Colace

Before opening Bare in 2013, Dianne Colace was not always an entrepreneur.  In high school and much of college, her true passion was gymnastics. She discovered her love for vault, the balance beam, and floor routines while learning the basics of gymnastics at McKeon School of Dance and Gymnastics at age 8. She was a competitive gymnast for 14 years.  While in college she furthered her love for the sport by taking on the role of teacher at her gymnastics center. Her experience as both teacher and student in such a physically and mentally demanding sport, taught her dedication, discipline, and the true value giving back to others. These three traits contributed to much of her success in her undergraduate and graduate career.

Her love for being healthy and helping others, combined with her love for academic challenges which led Dianne to decide that she wanted to become a Nurse Practitioner. For Undergrad, she attended Fitchburg State University and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science. She successfully completed her degree in 2007 making Deans List for four consecutive years. Following graduation she began working at Milford Hospital as a Registered Nurse while continuing her education at Northeastern University for her Master’s Degree, pursuing her degree as a Nurse Practitioner. She graduated in 2010.

She fondly looks back at her time at Northeastern as the point where she decided she wanted to dedicate her life to improving her patient’s quality of life.

Dianne began her career as a Cardiac Nurse Practitioner at Landmark Medical Center in Woonsocket, RI. She has worked at Landmark for over five years and learned how to understand patients’ needs and how to select treatment plans to improve their health. Dianne wanted to diversify her skills by also helping others in the cosmetic field. Finding a position nearby at a certified laser center in RI, she gained valuable experience and she quickly realized how much she loved preforming treatments and enabling others to feel better about themselves.  As the years went by, she envisioned a need for services performed by a Medical professional in her hometown, Franklin MA. She developed her brand, created a convincing business model, and partnered with two investors to make her dreams of owning her own facility come to life. At Bare, she felt she was able to combine love of beauty with her passion for improving the lives of others. “It was the most exciting thing knowing I was going to help people feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. I love my business and my career,” she recalls fondly.

In 2015, the success of Bare allowed Dianne to acquire/ purchase Bare from her investors. During treatments, she is responsible for calibrating the laser for each individual’s skin type, most importantly making sure that each and every patient she treats leaves Bare Laser Hair Removal confident, loving their beautiful and smooth skin; she has a positive attitude that is felt by her long time and new customers alike. Dianne and Marylou are the best team when working together! Because of all their hard work and dedication, Bare Laser Hair Removal is in the works of expanding in a near future.


Marylou Valerio

Marylou Valerio has been the lead consultant at Bare Laser Hair Removal, since the Grand opening in 2013. As a lead consultant, she is responsible for informing potential customers about how laser hair removal can positively change their life forever. During the consultation sessions, she explains to those interested in permanently removing hair about the process of laser hair removal, how the procedures work, the differences between their laser (Candela Gentle Max Pro) and many other lasers in the industry that are not effective for permanent hair removal. She also informs the risks and benefits associated with laser hair removal along with the pricing packages and financing options available. Marylou’s top priority is to educate her guests on the process so they will know what to expect between treatment sessions.

In addition to being the Lead Consultant, Marylou is the Manager at Bare. She is the pleasant voice you hear when you call to schedule an appointment and the smiling face you encounter when you walk in the door. She enjoys hearing about patients’ days and is extremely invested in making sure each customer is 100% satisfied with their treatment and time in the office. Marylou’s positive attitude at Bare comes from her very bubbly personality and her love of helping people. Her favorite part of working at Bare Laser Hair Removal is seeing customers leave happy and satisfied with their results.

Marylou attended the University of Rhode Island; Double concentration on Marketing and Nuclear Medicine. She has taken classes in Marketing Principals, Business Management, and Public Relations, which all contribute to her understanding of how to market Bare to new clients. While she attended URI and worked full time at Bare, she also achieved academic excellence maintaining Dean’s List standing for several consecutive semesters.

Outside of Bare, Marylou is an outdoorsy person, who loves the beach and swimming. As an active individual, especially in the summer months, Marylou understood the need for permanent hair removal. Like many other women, before working at Bare she empathized with the pain and time consuming nature of hair removal. Her understanding of what patients go through is what makes her a vital part of Bare’s small, professional environment.



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